Shearing 2004

November 7, 2004 0

July/August 2003-drop ewes carrying 9 months SRS wool Keri-Keri Shearing results (Adult ewes): 2002 – 2004 drought with no supplement feed: Rainfall – from 25/02/2002 until 02/06/2003                    (107.5 mm rain) Weaned 93.5% lambs Read More


October 3, 2004 0

The Keri-Keri sheep have emerged from the 2004 drought season in good condition, leaving us wondering what they would be capable of producing if given even half a good season.

Argentinian Visit

August 8, 2004 0

Estas oveja habla para si mismos “These sheep speak for themselves” In August 2004, a busload of Argentinean sheep breeders descended on Keri-Keri. The visit was included in a tour of Australian sheep properties and Read More