2006 Ram Sale

August 30, 2006 0

Total clearance of 90 June/July 2005 drop rams On Wednesday (30th August) the sale rams came into the yards for the last time before Monday’s sale. Andrew took these photos while walking them to the Read More

Classing of Rams

August 24, 2006 0

This year Keri-Keri will offer 90 2005 drop Rams at its annual Ram Sale. These rams were weighed at 100, 200 and 300 days of age. They were also shorn in late March 2006. In Read More

Classing of the Ewes

August 8, 2006 0

Classing of the 2005 drop Keri-Keri ewes took place on Monday, 8th August 2006. These photos below show classing in progress and the ewes at just on 12 months of age. They were shorn shortly Read More

August 2006, Tin Tin

August 6, 2006 0

These photos were taken of young Keri Keri blood ewes at classing on Tin Tin station.