2012 Keri-Keri/AMM Ram Sale

The ninth Keri-Keri / AMM Ram Sale
was held Monday, 3rd September 2012, at Keri-Keri


A total of 99 rams were offered for sale

All 99 rams were cleared at an average price of $1,098.99.

The top priced ram on the day (AMM bred – Lot 93; Eartag 6) sold for $4,600.00
to John and Marilyn Smith, Parrakie in South Australia.

This ram’s wool figures were:
Micron: 18.8;    SD:3.28;    CV:17.5;    CF:100

He also ranks as a Trait Leader for Weaning(3.9), Post Weaning(5.4), Hogget(7.0) & Adult(6.8) Weight figures,
as well as Post Weaning (1.7) and Yearling(1.8) Eye Muscle Depth Figures.
John and Marilyn also bought AMM Lot 79.

The top priced Keri-Keri ram on the day (Lot 61; Eartag 1229) sold for $3,500.00
to return buyer Paul Scherrer, Dubbo NSW.

This ram’s wool figures were:
Micron: 19.7;    SD:3.23;    CV:16.4;    CF:100

The breakdown of the sale is as follows:

All 79 Keri-Keri 2011 drop rams sold for an average price of $1,005.06.

All 20 Australian Meat Merino (AMM) 2011 drop rams sold for an average price of $1,470.00

All rams are guaranteed and we welcome feedback on how they perform.
Thanks once again must go to our selling agents of Joe O’Reilly and his team from B.R.&C., and to all others who helped, and were involved with the sale.
Again, thank you to those who supported and continue to support our sales.

Photos below of ram sale day. Many thanks to Bec Gray who provided her professional photographic skills on the day.


Click here to download the 2012 Ram Sale Catalogue

Click here to download the ASBV’s Schedule for Rams offered at sale 3/9/2012

Ram enquiries should be directed to:                 Keri-Keri     Andrew Dowling,      Ph: 03 5034 0591                               AMM         Jim Watts,               Ph: 02 4862 2050    


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