2017 On-Property Ram Sale. Summary, Results & Photos

On Monday, 4th September 2017 Keri-Keri held its eleventh On-Property sale.

A total of 80 rams were offered for sale.
All 80 rams were cleared at an average of $1,130.00

The top priced ram (Lot 2) sold for $3,100- to Scotsburn Pastoral

This ram’s wool figures were:
Micron: 19.7 ; SD: 3.87 ; CV%: 19.8 & CF%: 99.3
This ram’s carcase figures were:
YWT: 11.3 ; YEMD: 0.1 ; YFAT: 0.3 & YSC: 3.7

Whilst this ram is staying in the local district, again the rams went to a range of different locations throughout Australia.

The breakdown of the sale is as follows:

  • 69 Keri-Keri 2016 drop rams sold for an average price of $1,162.32, to a high of $3,100.00.
  • 11 AMM 2016 drop rams sold for an average price of $927.27, to a high of $1,200.00.

Thanks go to our selling agents of Peter Head & his team from Elders, and to all others who helped, and were involved with the sale.
Also, our appreciation to those who continue to support our sales. All rams are guaranteed and we welcome feedback on how they perform.

Good luck to all for the remainder of the season – at this stage all is looking great.

Photos from sale day below –