2019 Ram Sales. (Results).

On-property sale for Keri-Keri was held Tuesday, 17th September.

44 of 50 rams sold for an average of $1,230.00.

Top priced ram sold for $2,400- to Neville Willox of Scotsburn Pastoral Company, Balranald.
This ram was lot number 13, with wool and meat values of:
MIC 17.4; SD 3.4; CV% 19.7; CF 99.8; PWT 6.1; PEMD 1.7; PFAT 0.4 & PSCR 2.9

With two such consecutive trying seasons for many now upon us we thank our clients for their support but more-so wish them well with their livestock, breeding programs and hope for a some substantial rainfalls in the districts desperately needing it.

Photos of preparing for the sale and sale day are further down this page.

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All ram enquiries should be directed to: Andrew Dowling, 03 5034 0591