ALS Scanning

On the 28th & 29th of March Steve Parker from Advance Livestock Services (ALS) [Hamilton, Victoria Ph:(03)5573 3201] spent a day and evening with us scanning this years’ sale rams for EMD, Fat Depth, Scrotal Circumference and Weight. The results have been forwarded for inclusion in the Australian Sheep Genetics database.

The rams have also had their weaning weight (100 days, at 15/11/2006) and their 200 day weights (at 2/3/2007) recorded and this combined with the EBV results produced will be data available on our sale rams in September 2007.
For further information on the 100 & 200 day weights go to Ram & Ewe Sales.

Our weighing and scanning process have been greatly streamlined by our use of the Data-based SheepTrack™ Ear Tag System.
Keri-Keri began electronically tagging the ram lambs three years ago using Allflex EID tags, to speed up and more accurately measure body weight, fat and eye muscle depth. (The Australian Sheep Genetics Database requires ram lambs to be weighed a number of times in their first 12 months of age, for growth rate).
Ian Hingeley has developed this system over years of involvement with the Keri-Keri stud. Information on this sheep tracking system can best be followed up by contacting Ian directly

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