AMM Ram Sale

was held
Tuesday December 16th
42 rams offered for sale – TOTAL CLEARANCE
SALE AVERAGE $1,276.19

Sale breakdown:

AMM : 29 Rams Offered – All Sold at an average price of $1,220.69
Keri Keri X AMM : 13 Rams Offered – All sold at an average price of $1,400.00

The top priced ram for AMM sold for $3,600.00 to an Elders client in Queensland.
This was also the highest priced ram on the day.

The highest price paid for the AMM X Keri-Keri drop was $3,000.00, twice. Each of these rams went to separate purchasers.
Lot 33 – $3,000.00 to Secombe in Victoria.
Lot 44 – $3,000.00 to Barham in NSW.

The weather was kind on sale day and the conditions were perfect.
Registered buyers came from Queensland, NSW, & Victoria.
Thank you to those who supported the sale, were involved and helped.

We welcome feedback on how the rams perform.

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