Annual Keri-Keri Ram Sale

Part of the sale team

A total of 66 rams were offered for sale.

All 66 rams were cleared at an average of $755.30.

The top priced ram sold for $1,750.00 to Operina Pty Ltd.
This ram’s wool figures were:
Micron: 16.64;    SD: 3.12;     CV%: 18.8     & CF%: 100

Andrew Dowling(left) – Keri-Keri & Tim Mulholland – Operina

Whilst this ram is staying in the local district, again the rams went to a range of different locations throughout Australia – NSW, Victoria, Sth Australia and Queensland.

The breakdown of the sale is as follows:

25 Keri-Keri 2008 drop rams sold for an average price of $750.00, to a high of $1,250.00 (twice).
29 Keri-Keri 2007 drop rams sold for an average price of $762.07, to a high of $1,750.00.
Making the total for Keri-Keri rams sold – 54 @ an average price of $756.48.

12 Australian Meat Merino (AMM) 2007 drop rams sold for an average price of $750.00, to a high of $900.00 (three times).

Thanks again go to our great selling Agents of Joe O’Reilly and his team from B.R.&C. and to all others who helped, and were involved with the sale.
Also, our appreciation to those who supported and continue to support our sales – the last two years have been tough going. All rams are guaranteed and we welcome feedback on how they perform.

Good luck to all for the remainder of the season – while it started out with light at the end of the tunnel – no doubt a good soaking combined with high livestock & grain prices would be much welcomed by all.

“The shed ready for sale day and lunch.”


“All lined up – some inside the marquee & some out.”

Unfortunately due to a restricted number of rams available, this year, our on-property
sale was only by personal invitation to existing clients.

Part of the sale team

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