Annual Keri-Keri Ram Sale

A total of 100 rams were offered for sale.

All 100 rams were cleared at an average price of $1,181.00.

The top priced ram on the day (Lot 77) sold for $4,200.00 to Tim Christoperson of Four Mile Creek, South of Orange.
This ram’s wool figures were:
Micron: 20.1;    SD:3.11;    CV:15.5;    CF:99.8.

The breakdown of the sale is as follows:

76 Keri-Keri 2009 drop rams sold for an average price of $1,029.60.
The highest priced Keri-Keri ram (Lot 65) was bought by Jock Robertson of “Chowilla Station”, Renmark for $2,400.00.
This ram’s wool figures are:              Micron:19.1;    SD:3.33;    CV:17.4;    CF:99.8.

24 Australian Meat Merino (AMM) 2009 drop rams sold for an average price of $1,660.42.
The highest AMM ram sold for $4,200.00, as mentioned above.

Thanks once again must go to our selling agents of Joe O’Reilly and his team from B.R.&C., and to all others who helped, and were involved with the sale.
Again, thank you to those who supported and continue to support our sales – it would have been a bit of a surprise to see the amazing amount of feed here on the place this time (especially in comparison to say, 2008!!!).
All rams are guaranteed and we welcome feedback on how they perform.
Good luck to all for the remainder of the 2010 – let’s hope these amazing sheep prices continue for some time.

To download the Keri-Keri 2010 Ram Sale Catalogue click on the link below:
Ram Sale Catalogue 2010

To download the Keri-Keri and AMM Ram Sale ASBV schedules click on the links below:
Lots 1-76         Lots 77-100

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