Annual Keri-Keri Surplus Ewe Sale

Keri-Keri Ewes which made $63.00 per head

With drought conditions really starting to kick in prices plummeted for this year’s Annual Swan Hill Premier Blue Ribbon Sheep Sale. This sale is renowned for providing top quality breeders ewes, but without feed available and the additional problem of water supply many buyers aren’t able to restock this year. This meant demand was struggling.

1,043 Keri-Keri June/July 2005 drop surplus ewes reached a high of $63.00 a head, with an average of $59.09.
As in previous years the Keri-Keri sheep were sold in unrestricted runs. There were three pens of Keri-Keri ewes sold –
** 411 Sept shorn Keri-Keri bld & bred ewes- $63.00
** 243 Sept shorn Keri-Keri bld & bred ewes – $51.00
** 389 Sept shorn Keri-Keri bld & bred 4-Teater ewes – $60.00

Connemaugh Pastoral Company, Swan Hill topped the sale with 360 July/Aug 2005 drop Keri-Keri blood ewes at $84.00 a head.
The Connemaugh sheep were presented in brilliant condition and these Keri-Keri blood ewes stood out on the day

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