Blue Ribbon Special Swan Hill Sheep Sale

The BR&C boys in full flight.

Keri-Keri along with a number of its clients sold breeder ewes, and a selection of wethers, at the Annual Blue Ribbon Special Swan Hill Sheep Sale.
The day was wet and miserable, as Murray Arnel of the Stock & Land said in his report:

“good buying opportunities were abundant as buyers were possibly scared away by hotly contested recent sales”.

The market top of the day went to Keri-Keri bred sheep from Ivanhoe. These were a line of 2009 drop Keri-Keri blood ewes from Alan & Jill Crozier of Marfield Station.

Photos below of the Keri-Keri wethers leaving Keri-Keri early that morning and a number of sale pens on the day in Swan Hill.

Laurence Borchard & Andrew getting the wethers loaded for Swan Hill

Our June/July ’10 drop wethers.
These wethers were quoted as being “some of the largest grown wethers for their age group offered at any off-shears sales this spring” by the Stock & Land, October 13, 2011.
They sold for $130.00.

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