Broken Hill’s 10th 2010 Biennial Agfair.

Karbullah display.

7th & 8th of May 2010

Broken Hill’s 10th 2010 Biennial Agfair.
This event attracts up to 12,000 visitors over two days. Attractions at the Agfair are agricultural and horticultural displays, machinery and equipment, rural merchandise, clothing and much, much more.
In 2010 6 SRS® studs displayed in a large SRS® Company Site. The participants being Australian Meat Merino, Baderloo Poll Merino Stud (Spalding, SA), Karbullah Poll Merino Stud (Goondiwindi, Qld), Kelvale Poll Merino Stud (Farrell Flat, SA), Leahcim Merino Stud (Snowtown, SA) and Parkdale Merino Stud (Dubbo).
The site had a display of poll and horned merinos – ewes and rams. There were also some very notable wool fleeces on display.
Agfair 2010 again was extremely worthwhile for all the studs.
Sheep producers are positive about breeding with the Merino in the pastoral area as it survives, thrives and can produce a wool income on top of meat.

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