Merino Wether Lamb Challenge

Final Team Average Micron: 18.4.

Dubbo National Merino Ram Show & Sale
June – August 2007

In 2007 Keri-Keri entered a team of their 2006 drop Wethers in the Wether Lamb Challenge held in conjunction with the Dubbo National Merino Show & Sale.

The Keri Keri wethers performed incredibly well. They had only been paddock fed until the challenge. There were many others in the Challenge which had been supplementary fed for some time in the lead up to 15th June 2007.

In total there were 34 teams of 5 sheep (170 sheep) with breeders and producers entering from all over Australia.


Wether’s began the Challenge on Friday, 15th June 2007.
At the Western Institute of TAFE (Dubbo) all sheep were electronically tagged, weighed and shorn. They were trucked that afternoon to a feedlot in Canowindra.

** Keri Keri Team Average Entry Weight 38.5 kg.

** 1st weighing at 42 days. Keri Keri Team Average weight – 54.3 kg. Their average weight gain per day 378.0 grams.

** The Keri Keri wethers had the highest average weight gain of all 34 teams. The next highest team’s score was 38.7 grams less, at 339.3 grams per day.

** Our best performing Keri Keri wether of the trial was the only one of the 170 sheep to gain over 400gms per day. His average daily gain at 42 days was 464.3 grams per day.

** 2nd weighing at 54 days. Keri Keri Team average figures had increased to 380.0 grams gained per day. The next highest team’s score was down to 319.0 grams gained per day.

** At the completion of the Challenge the highest & lowest wethers were removed from all teams. Our final three wethers had an average daily gain of 335.6 grams. Average Carcase Weight 27.7kg; Dressing Percentage 44%; Fat Depth 10mm & Eye Muscle 25mm.

** The wool results for the team averaged: Micron: 18.6; SD: 3.4; CV%: 18.4; CF%: 99.0. Average fleece weight 2.70 (previously shorn).

Many thanks & congratulations to the Dubbo National Ram Sale Association, Australian Wool Innovation, Fletcher International Exports, Lanoc Wool, Sheep Genetics Australia & The Western Institute of TAFE for their efforts in running a very professional and demonstrative challenge.

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