Overseas Keri-Keri Progeny photos

These are photos sent from the Falkland Islands. This property purchased semen from Keri-Keri 2445 & 8107 in February 2006.
On this property the grass is of low quality, and stocked at appro .87 SU/ha.
Their stud lambs get a better start than the flocks but then are run with the flock hoggs/two tooths for one to two years.
They are then drafted back into the stud for use or sale. The ewes don’t go to the rams until they are 2.5 years old as they aren’t mature enough before. With such harsh winters they are trying to grow winter forage to supplement ewe hogget growth but it is difficult with a soil ph of 4.5.
Hence, with such difficult conditions they have to select for animals which do not require additional feeding.


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