Katharina Schambach

July ’17. Katharina joined us in March ’17 for a short period of time but has definately ended up becoming part of the TEAM. Finishing school in Germany last year she ventured to Australia for a gap year. She simply embraced every part of life here and has come back from her Australian travels to Keri-Keri to help with ram sale preparations and lamb marking.

Ryan Atkins

July ’17. During his final year of Year 12 school Ryan commenced a program of one day a week Workers Experience with us. He has been a keen and valued person to have around. His days have ended up extending to full weeks in holidays, weekends and other week-days when his help has been needed.  His polite and patient way is to be commended.


Annabel & Laura

November ’16. Over the summer and festive months Annabel Bolding from  Sydney was here on-&-off to help out with all that was going on at Keri-Keri. Annabel and her family live in mainstream Sydney but also run a farm out of Sydney. Being an avid walker she found plenty of areas to walk through and explore. She has returned to Sydney to continue her University studies in 2017.

While Annabel had to stay in Sydney for a little longer Laura Jordans from Holland covered for her for 3 weeks. She even got to attend the Moulamein Cup on a very hot December day – not only her first race meeting of her lifetime, but also on a very iconic Australian “DIRT” track.

Marshall Bodinnar

November ’16. Since 2015 Marshall has been working as a stock contractor at Keri-Keri, at our busiest times. Marshall grew up in Balranald and now operates his business from there. His patient manner with stock makes him a great asset to the place.

Ted Hines

September ’16. Our nephew Ted turned 15 in August 2016 & over the last number of years has been a valuable arrival during school holidays. Things have changed from years ago when he visited as a small family member on his mini-bike – to now being dropped off in a plane to stay on his own for weeks at a time.  He has developed a great knowledge of the property & his input is greatly appreciated.[He likes to think he is a crack shot with pest control, but mostly, the bunnies are pretty safe!!!]. 

Sami Bennett

September ’16. From Worcester in England to rural NSW – Sami has just spent a number of months living and working at Keri-Keri. Upon arriving Sami had only been to a few farms in England. She has relished to chance to see and learn so many new things about farming in Australia. By completing three months rural work here she can now extend her Australian visa for another 12 months – so look out WA in 2017 – she [& her van] is coming your way !!!!

Lachie Kamp

June ’16. In April 2016 Lachie Kamp from Scotch College (Melbourne) did a week of Work Experience at Keri-Keri. In this week he helped with mustering on motorbike, cattle marking and general day-to-day maintenance of sheep dogs, chooks and work areas.