Swan Hill Sheep Sale – November 2012


According to all reports season prices dipped at this sheep sale by around $20.00 per head across most categories, from the week before. Mainly due to local limited rain.
Whilst not a boomer sale, prices managed to just hold on.
One of the agents was quoted as saying that he “was bracing for the worst before the sale but was pleasantly surprised with the result”.
Photos below of Keri-Keri sheep at the sale, & Operina and Melool as well.

“Operina” bred ewes. AMM X Keri-Keri blood 2011 drop ewes. 158 sold for $124- / head to DMD Horsham on behalf of the Hill account.

“Melool” bred ewes. Keri-Keri blood June/July 2010 drop ewes. 205 sold for $108- / head.

Keri-Keri bred Jan/Feb 2011 drop ewes. 161 sold for $122- / head to Dennis Schodde from Lone Pine Pastoral, Sea Lake.

Keri-Keri bred June/July 2010 drop ewes. 174 sold for $119- / head to Rod White, Swan Hill.

Keri-Keri bred Mixed Age ewes. 75 sold for $78- / head to P Mahr.

Keri-Keri bred June/July 2011 drop wethers. 322 sold for $55- / head to the Monk family of Swan Hill.

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